Encoders finds their application in various applications in industry. From Instrumentation point of view we can see Encoder as a device which provide us the pulses for rotatory movement. In Most of the applications it is used to provide the feedback and thus a better controlling.

Omron Rotary encoder E6B2 comes with open collector output and as well as line driver output. It has external shaft dia up to 40mm and it has a resolution of up to 2000PPR.

Some may want to know what is PPR in encoders ?? well PPR stands for Pulse Per Revolution i.e the number of pulses it will be giving in one full revolution.Also as per our need we can select either PNP or NPN type output. Generally in all the cases we need to interface the encoder with PLC to receive the PULSES.

The use of encoders in Automation is for detecting/calculating the length or distance traveled with the input from encoder pulses , for measuring the speed or for high-processing of data.


How to Connect Encoder to PLC?

For connecting the Encoder to our PLC we have to make sure that our PLC accepts high speed counter inputs and we have to connect the encoder accordingly to that terminals only. Omron PLC CP1E/CP1H have 4 high speed counter inputs and we can connect up to 4/6 encoders.

Omron encoder E6B2 series have 5 wires and of different colour. Make connections as depicted below.

Wire Colour ————————————————————-Type

Brown——————————————————————- + 24 V DC
Blue ——————————————————————- 0 V Dc
Black —————————————————————— Output Phase A
White —————————————————————— Ouput Phase B
Orange —————————————————————– Phase Z

So connect your Encoder accordingly as shown above. Here we will tell you how to interface it with PLC. We will take example of OMRON PLC CP1E. We have to just connect 3 wires to PLC high speed counter Terminals and configure them in the software for Receiving the Pulses.

Interfacing the Encoder with Omron PLC CP1E:-

We will take example here as connecting the encoder to High speed counter 0.

Encoder Side——————————————————–PLC Side

Black————————————————————– 0.0
White————————————————————– 0.1
Orange————————————————————- 0.4

Similarly we can connect it to any high speed counter input , just we have to check what are the terminals assigned for that High Speed counter in PLC.

After making the connections we have to write the suitable PLC Program for the reading of Pulses and processing the PV value of Encoder.